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OKSA Breastfeeding & Maternity Wear | Australian-Made

The garments provided by Oksa are designed to revolutionise the maternity and breastfeeding market both locally and internationally. Kirsten Barraclough, founder and designer for Oksa Breastfeeding and Maternity wear, designs for comfort and versatility whilst maintaining elegance and style in every piece. What differentiates Oksa from other labels is that the garments subtly incorporate discreet and easy breastfeeding access, so they can be worn throughout pregnancy and beyond. Kirsten also saw the need for plus sizing, and has designed garments that will flatter all female forms.

The fabrics are carefully chosen with upmost quality and undeniable comfort, able to withstand the wear and tear of multiple washes. But most importantly, chosen for softness and sensitivity on new mother’s skin.

With this collection designed and made in Sydney Australia, Kirsten Barraclough closes the gap between breastfeeding functionality and up to date maternity fashion styles and trends.

Fashion-forward Pregnancy Clothes and Breastfeeding Clothes
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